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Software Makers & Society

04 Mar 2022 - by Nuno Simaria

The last decades saw young, technology-enabled companies beat huge, traditional enterprises across all market sectors. We saw these companies create whole new business categories out of (apparent) thin air. The phenomenon was so remarkable, a whole new category for how fast companies can grow was created: hypergrowth.

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On Platform Internationalisation

27 Jan 2022 - by Nuno Simaria

Sarah Pimental Abrantes, VP Engineering at TIER asks: “What are the crucial things to have in mind when taking a platform from a local to global scale?”

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On The Passion Economy

04 Jan 2022 - by Nuno Simaria

Jessica Schultz, General Partner at Northzone asks: “Recently I’ve been giving some thought to the passion economy space. How do you think this new trend reconciles with big, centralized social media platforms?”