Durable strategies for high performing tech organisations

Slow Growth is a technology and leadership advisory shop that specialises in guiding individuals, teams and organisations towards sustained long-term hypergrowth.


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Tech Leadership Hiring

Build the best team.

Technology hiring at senior levels. We focus on those stages of the hiring process where we deliver the most value: scoping senior technology leadership roles, identify the appropriate hiring strategies and provide you cultural, technical and longevity assessments of your best candidates.

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Tech Due Diligence

Truly understand technology risk and make safer investment decisions.

Detailed tech and product assessments on platforms, products and ways of working which provide you with an uncomplicated understanding of current value, long term potential, risk profile and competitive moat of any tech-enabled organisation.

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Tech Strategy Advisory

Tech & Product advisory, coaching and hands-on training.

Working side-by-side with senior leaders – usually CEOs and CTOs, often including wider staff – we enable the development of end-to-end strategies which translate into business impact and technological innovation in strong alignment with business goals, unlocking paths to sustainable hypergrowth.

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Bespoke Engagements

We get you out of a tough spot.

Our clients have leveraged our services across all stages and levels of the R&D value chain. Get in touch for bespoke engagements.




Founded in 2011, HelloFresh is the most popular meal kit company in the world. Slow Growth is intimately familiar with this growth story since early 2013, through its IPO in Frankfurt in 2017 and its addition to the DAX – the leading German stock market index – in 2021.



Slow Growth joined Lengoo's journey in 2016 as it made its first steps out of seed stage and has since been amplifying technological thought leadership, advising senior talent and refining strategies and methodologies for scale.

The Modern Milkman


The Modern Milkman has grown from four friends and a beat-up truck to a network of milkmen and women (eco-warriors on earlies) supplied by local dairies. In 2021, The Modern Milkman partners with Slow Growth as it focuses on new horizons.



Bridebook is the world's number one wedding planner. They are helping couples in 185 countries plan their wedding in a centralised marketplace, producing dream-like celebrations on reasonable budgets. In 2021, Bridebook partners with Slow Growth as it sets sail for new heights.

HV Capital


HV Capital backs entrepreneurs with daring visions from seed stage to exit, with an impressive track record of successes. Slow Growth supports selected companies in their portfolio.


10 mins reading time

Software Makers & Society

04 Mar 2022 - by Nuno Simaria

The last decades saw young, technology-enabled companies beat huge, traditional enterprises across all market sectors. We saw these companies create whole new business categories out of (apparent) thin air. The phenomenon was so remarkable, a whole new category for how fast companies can grow was created: hypergrowth.

7 mins reading time

On Platform Internationalisation

27 Jan 2022 - by Nuno Simaria

Sarah Pimental Abrantes, VP Engineering at TIER asks: “What are the crucial things to have in mind when taking a platform from a local to global scale?”

5 mins reading time

On The Passion Economy

04 Jan 2022 - by Nuno Simaria

Jessica Schultz, General Partner at Northzone asks: “Recently I’ve been giving some thought to the passion economy space. How do you think this new trend reconciles with big, centralized social media platforms?”

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